Experience is invaluable when designing usable technical communication. Each piece of technical communication teaches its creator a lesson or possibly many lessons. You learn about what people like and dislike and how your sentence structure may affect how people perform. In safety-conscious companies, accurate, concise communication can be critical. Technical communication must be concise, accurate, and complete to be effective. Successful technical communication allows the reader to be more efficient. This in turn allows the company to be more profitable. Interested? Email me for additional information.

Personal Experience

Martha K. Sippel acquired her publication management and information development skills over 30 years working both independently and collaboratively in fast-paced, highly technical environments. Her formal education in technical communication and geology complements her extensive experience in product usability and as a user advocate. Ms. Sippel’s expertise includes a strong background in user experience design (UXD), user interface design (UID), usability and UID for web applications and websites, document design, technical writing and editing, and online and printed training materials.


B.A., Technical Communication, 1994, Metropolitan State College of Denver

B.A., Geology, 1976, The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado