What is usability? Usability is how a product meets the needs of the user. Usability consultants work with designers and developers to determine how a product meets the users’ needs. This allows the team to enhance the product to increase productivity, improve user satisfaction, and minimize user errors.

Why do you need a usability consultant? If usability consultants are brought in before a web application, website, or software product is created, they can help the design and development team achieve more consistent, valid, and usable results. When usability can be built into the system rather than provided as an afterthought, the product is more understandable and easier to use.

Usability is not strictly about design, but includes information architecture, design, writing, consistency, accuracy, and quality. Usability examines issues below what is apparent on the surface. Do your users have a hard time understanding what they are supposed to do? You can help them by including usability in your product design and development.

Who is your audience and what do they want to know? AzuWrite LLC asks relevant questions to understand your audience. We create user scenarios for what your users want. We address their concerns and define what they are trying to accomplish. What does your customer need to know? We create effective, concise communication that is targeted to your specific audience.

Analysis - Who are they? How many different groups comprise your audience?
Understanding - What is their knowledge of the subject?
Demographics - What is their age, sex, and educational background?
Interest - Why are they there? Who asked them to be there?
Environment - Where will they use your product? Are the user environments similar?
Needs - What are their needs? How can your product meet their needs?
Customized - What specific needs must you address?
Expectations - What do they expect to learn from you or your product?

To make something more usable, you must delve deeper than the product and define what your audience needs. Why is audience analysis so important? For example, if your audience happens to be two- to five-year olds, detailed, technical instructions will not help you get your information across. Pictures and examples of what to do and how to do it are much more appropriate. However, if your audience is comprised of experienced mechanical engineers, they will be able to comprehend detailed instructions with complicated diagrams. Exceptional technical communication begins with a thorough understanding of the audience.